The 20 Best Haircut for Receding Hairline for Men

The 20 Best Haircut for Receding Hairline for Men

When it comes to the best haircut for receding hairline it important to know which is goodNobody wants to lose their hair but unfortunately, it is one of the most common occurrences for men as they grow older. A receding hairline is one of the more common ways an individual can begin to bald and it can be detrimental for a man’s self-confidence. There are a lot of different reasons as to why individuals begin to recede and lose their hair, with the primary cause attributing to dihydrotestosterone and its effects on the hair follicles.

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However, there is hope for some men and it does not involve any added testosterone or nasty chemical – it involves a simple haircut. Haircuts can be performed in a way that conceals balding and, if cut correctly, can take the attention away from your hairline and pattern baldness. There are loads of different haircuts and styles that you can go for if you want to conceal your baldness, but it can be difficult choosing the best haircut for receding hairline.

Below are 20 amazing haircuts that will conceal your receding hairline and boost your self-confidence.


#1 Clean Shave

best haircut for receding hairline

The clean shave is the most recognizable haircut that individuals have when they start to bald and it is the simplest and easiest way to hide a receding hairline. A lot of men may be concerned about shaving off their hair but it can be the best decision to make, especially if you throw in a beard. They are easy to maintain and it doesn’t require a lot of skill to remove your hair, a simple razor will do the trick.


#2 Buzz Cut

Buzz Cut


This involves taking the hair really short and is very similar to the clean shave. The only exception/difference is that the buzz to retains a small bit of hair around the head.


#3 Mohawk



Mohawks are often associated with youths but they are great at drawing attention away from receding hairlines. Do not grow a massive Mohawk but instead take it short and spike it. If done properly you can hide your hairline and look very stylish.


#4 Comb Over

Comb Over


This is not the classic, ugly comb-over that you see in comedy movies. When we talk about comb-overs in a serious manner we mean the haircuts that are neat and stylish. The comb-over involves taking the hair and brushing it over to the side of your head so that there is a parting between your hairline. If done right it can be effective at hiding a receding hairline.


#5 Regulation



This is modeled after the army and gained popularity during the days of WWII. The hair involves very short sides, either tapered or completely shaven, and the top represents a comb-over type style that is kept a lot tighter.


#6 Taper Fade

Taper Fade


The taper fade is perfect for the individuals with shorter hair and involves taking the sides short and gradually fades the hair to bare skin as it proceeds down the side of the head. The top hair can be styled however and is usually kept short.


#7 Side Parted Comb Over

Side Parted Comb Over


This a stylish version of the comb-over and involves more of the fringe then the main body of hair. More product is used and it is usually something that longer haired individuals can achieve. It has been seen to be a messy version of the comb-over.


#8 Close Cut

Close Cut


This is something that you would see on Daniel Craig and it involves a little fringe with relatively long sides. The sides can be cut short but the main feature of the hair is the little fringe that can be spiked or left down.


#9 Easy Buzz Cut

Easy Buzz Cut


The easy buzz cut is almost identical to the standard buzz cut but is usually a little longer. The haircut is a lot neater and more care is taken to make sure the hair is an even length around the entire head. It’s a great cut for receding hairlines.


#10 Brushed Up Quiff

Brushed Up Quiff


This is a style that is currently associated with the younger generation but this doesn’t mean that you can’t pull it off. The haircut involves combing the hair up and you can tilt it to the side if you want. The sides are cut short and a little product is required to maintain strength.


#11 Mop



This haircut resembles the look of a mop and is a way to cover up a receding hairline through the application of a lot of hair. This haircut is easy and only requires you to grow your hair to a considerable length until your hairline is covered.


#12 Slicked Back

Slicked Back


This involves the hair being “slicked” back towards the back of the head and normally requires a little product to give the hair shine. This was popularized in the late 20th century and is still used to this day.


#13 Longer Brushback

Longer Brushback


For the individuals with longer and thicker hair, you may be able to commit to a brushback style. This is where the hair is brought back from the front to the back of the head and the length gives it a bit more thickness.


#14 Slicked Back Fade

Slicked Back Fade


This is a combo of two popular haircuts. The slicked back haircut includes bringing the majority of your hair to the back of your head and is great for taking the attention away from your hairline. The faded sides add definition to the cut and can make your face look slimmer. Overall, it is great at concealing a receding hairline.


#15 Crew Cut

Crew Cut


The crew cut is a similar cut to the buzz, but it leaves more hair and it is usually the same length all around the head. This cut is very popular and used by many people to hide their receding hairlines.


#16 Side Swept Fringe

Side Swept Fringe


This the classic style that was once popularized by Justin Bieber. The style uses a full fringe and requires the individuals to push or comb it to the side. Do not comb it as you would with a side sweep, try to push it so it still covers your forehead. This is great for covering up receding hairlines.


#17 Side Swept

Side Swept


The side swept style requires you to push your remaining hair over to the side of your head and works to hide a receding hairline. This style requires individuals to have a fuller and thicker head of hair and may be less useful for others who do not. You can even leave the fringe hanging a bit to cover your temples and forehead.


#18 Longer Crew

 Longer Crew


The longer crew is exactly what it sounds like and is a longer version of the crew. This haircut is not only great for individuals who have a receding hairline but for thinner haired individuals also. The top is a little longer and the sides require a grade 2 or less. This cut is commonly seen on individuals such as Matt Damon.


#19 Longer Mid Parting

Longer Mid Parting


The longer mid parting involves the fringe and is for the individuals who still have a full head of hair. This resembles a similar cut to that of Keanu Reeves and requires you to bring the fringe to the sides of your face in a way that conceals the receding hair around the temples. It may look messy but it still does the job.


#20 Caesar Haircut

Caesar Haircut


This is a less known haircut for receding hairlines but it is excellent at concealing it. The Caesar cut is exactly what it sounds like – a cut that matches the one Caesar had. The style is a little messy on top but neat at the sides. You can even throw a fade on the sides with this cut and leave the top medium length to you a thinner face and hide your pattern baldness.

So these are the best haircut for receding hairline for men to make your life more easier.

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