Can a Barber Fix a Receding Hairline? The Truth About Haircuts

Can a Barber Fix a Receding Hairline? The Truth About Haircuts

Questions we usually ask is can a barber fix a receding hairline? Receding hairlines are no joke and they can cause a lot of issues for the individual who is experiencing the hair loss. There are many reasons to why hair falls out and recedes, with the blame commonly associated with testosterone and a little hormone known as dihydrotestosterone.

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This chemical, when formed, will damage hair follicles and cause them to fall out. A lot of treatments for receding hairlines involves creams, lotions, and even hair transplants if you have the money, but there is actually a quicker and cost-effective way and it involves a haircut. When people ask ” can a barber fix a receding hairline? ” the answer is always going to be “YES”, yet many people seem to believe that haircuts will only make it worse. Believe it or not, short hair is a trend at the moment and you do not need a full head of hair in order to look fashionable.

A barber will be able to cut your hair and give you an excellent style that will conceal your receding hairline and make you look stylish in the process. In most cases, the cut will be short and spiky, including buzz cuts, clean shaves, and regulation cuts.

There are hundreds of different cuts available, including:

  1. The Comb-over
  2. The crew Cut
  3. The regulation
  4. The buzz cut
  5. The brushback

Through a professional barber and the right haircut, you will be able to deal with a receding hairline no problem.

Additionally, it also saves a lot of money and means you do not have to dabble with harmful creams and procedures.


Can you have an undercut with a receding hairline?

Can a Barber Fix a Receding HairlineOne of the best haircuts that you can get to fix a receding hairline is the undercut style and it is very popular at this point in time.

The haircut was first formulated in the 30s and is used mainly by men.

The cut is very slick and tidy and is fantastic to get when you are receding. The undercut involves very short sides which take a lot of different forms and involve a lot of hair being styled at the top, usually being pushed to the side. However, although this cut works well with receding hairlines it is only usable by people will a lot of long, thick hair on the top of their heads.

What is amazing about the undercut is that it is so versatile.

You can take the top a little shorter if you have thin hair and can even layer the sides if you don’t feel like rocking the tapered look.

There is a lot of variation. So when you ask “ can a barber fix a receding hairline ”, the best answer is that “they can” especially with an undercut.


Haircuts for receding hairline widow’s Peak

One of the main signs that men get when they are receding is the classic widow’s peak. This is where the sides/temples begin to recede quicker than the main hairline that runs along the front of the forehead. As a result, the temples disappear and the fringe is left looking like a peak or V-shape, which can make men very self-conscious.

However, when asking whether a barber can fix a receding hairline they will usually be able to do it through altering the peak.

There are a number of great little haircuts that can be used to hide the widow’s peak (or draw attention away from it) and are therefore great for individuals with severe receding hairlines.


#1 Buzz Cut

Buzz Cut


The buzz cut has always been a classic when it comes to pattern baldness and receding hairlines and it is used by millions of people all over the world. The haircut involves a lower grade shave and an even cut all around the head.

The style is commonly associated with younger individuals and is particularly stylish at this point in time. There are also variations of the buzz which usually differ in length.


#2 Undercut



The undercut has already been mentioned as a fan favorite and is an excellent way to hide your widow’s peak and receding hairline. The cut involves a short back and sides look with a good bit of length on the top. There are a lot of variations to this cut and it can be adapted for men who have short or thin hair on the top of their head. You can even mix the style up and add a tapered grading on the sides to make the face look slimmer.


#3 Clean Shave

Clean Shave


The clean shave is always a go-to for many men, yet it is always avoided by some as they believe they will not look very stylish. The clean shave is easy to perform and maintain and will save you lots of money if you learn to do it by yourself with a razor. Couple the shaved head with a beard to compensate for the hair loss and you’ll be good to go.


#4 Swept Fringe

Swept Fringe


This is something that any man can perform and it is an easy and effective way to cut hair to compensate for the widow’s peak. The swept fringe has been a popular style for a long time and essentially involves growing the fringe to the point where you’re able to flick it to the side. This style is fantastic for people with longer faces and can even be varied slightly. If you have very thick, wavy hair you may be able to scuff it up and make a messy style. This cut is easy to do and requires minimal work from a barber.


#5 Mohawk



The Mohawk has been around for a while and can be effectively used to conceal the widow’s peak and draw the attention away from the hairline. The traditional Mohawk is not seen a lot these days but the modern Mohawk is a lot more subtle and can be super stylish if cut correctly. Usually, the sides are taken short and tapered for a detailed look. Do not let the sides stay long with this cut.


#6 Fade



The fade can be combined with so many different haircuts and is more of an addition than a haircut all by itself. The fade is when the sides are gradually thinned to the point where bare skin is showing and are amazing at finishing off haircuts that utilize the widow’s peak and conceal the receding hairline. A great cut to get this with is the slick-back.

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