Can Hair Products Cause Receding Hairline – Important Facts

Can Hair Products Cause Receding Hairline – Important Facts

Normally, this hormone is responsible for the majority of hair loss cases but from time-to-time people will ask can hair products cause receding hairline? and in some cases, the answer is yes. Hair loss is something that nobody wants and it can have a huge effect on an individual’s self-confidence. Unfortunately, receding hairlines are inevitable for the majority of men and hair loss can be noted early on in life – around the age of 19. There are a number of causes for a receding hairline and the most common one is to do with the hormone known as dihydrotestosterone and this particular hormone attacks the hair follicles and forces them to fall out of the scalp. The hormone is closely associated with genetics and age but the sooner you see the receding hairline the sooner you can solve the issue.

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How can Hair Products Damage Hair?

Can Hair Products Cause Receding HairlineIt is the result of some of the chemicals that are used in certain products, especially shower gels. Some of these chemicals include sodium laurel sulfate which can be really bad for the scalp and follicles. It can be even worse when you wash your hair too much because you begin to expose yourself to the chemicals a lot more often, aggravating the receding hairline.

In general, washing your hair too much can cause hair loss anyway because you can wash away the good bacteria that are present on your scalp.

This can lead to dry skin and infection – things that do not help with a receding hairline.

What about Hair Gel and Wax?

There is a common association with hair gel/wax and hair loss, however, these are not exactly true and applying hair gel to your hair is not going to assist in the loss of your hair.

The only time that you may aggravate the scalp and recede when using hair gel is if you pull repeatedly at the hair when you style. This can rip the follicles from the scalp resulting in follicle damage.


What Products are Good for Receding Hairline?

So, can hair products cause receding hairline? With the above information, it is clear that they can, but not every hair product is a culprit and you may be alright if you use gel and other hair styling products. The real issue is shampoos and other hair washing products which may have harsh chemicals that dry out and damage the scalp. Luckily, there are good hair washing products you can use and it really depends on the style of hair you have.

Some products may be right for others and some may only be right for you, so you need to choose based on personal factors.

However, if you are looking for an all-rounder then there are two products that are highly recommended: DS Laboratories Revita Hair Shampoo and L’Oreal Paris Vive Pro.

  • DS Laboratories Revita Hair Shampoo – DS Labs have formulated a fantastic shampoo that combats hair loss and hair damage through the result of exposure to sodium lauryl sulfate – a chemical that has been listed above which damages the hair follicles and prevents hair growth. Most normal shampoos will contain this ingredient and they tend to promote lathering which creates a receding hairline. The ingredients in Revita work with the hair during its shredding stages and help to promote blood flow to the follicles as well as hair growth. This shampoo works with the natural shredding stages of hair and with it, you can see some great results.
  • L’Oreal Paris Vive Pro – This is another fantastic shampoo to use and is essential for individuals who are beginning to thin and recede around the temples. This shampoo is a lot different from many other products as it has thickening agents. This means that when you use it on thin hair it will add nutrients to the hair and roots and give the appearance that there is more than there actually is. Couple this with a solid haircut from a hairdresser and you should have an excellent head of hair.


What Other Products are There to Help Receding Hairlines?

Aside from shampoos, there are also other products that are specifically designed to help you and your hair loss. They are developed by hair product companies but, instead of being shampoo and condition, they usually look like patches or creams – similar to rogaine.

Here is a small list of other hair products you can use to combat hair loss:

  • American Crew Hair Recovery Patches – These are little patches that you can add to the receding areas to stimulate growth. They pack a punch with revitalizing nutrients and vitamins which promote hair growth. Apply the patches daily for 20 minutes to see results.
  • Cabookie Hair Loss Concealer – This another very effective product is the hair loss is severe. This is actually a form of gel or styling cream specifically designed for men. You can use this to thicken the hair and give the appearance that you are not thinning or balding. Simply apply the cream during the styling process and you should see some great results.


Can Seborrheic Dermatitis Cause Receding Hairline

At some point in all of our lives, whether it be when we were young or old, we would have experienced dandruff or some sort of flaking from the scalp. The condition is not severe but it can be a bit of an issue and you want to keep your head well hydrated to prevent it – some shampoos like Head & Shoulders can help. Usually, the problem is easily fixed but not for people with seborrheic dermatitis (SD). SD is a condition that is similar to flaky dandruff but is much worse.

The scalp can become inflamed and the flaking can be incredibly bad – leading to hair loss. The symptoms of SD include:

  • Itching
  • Inflamed scalp
  • Severe flaking
  • Redness
  • White and yellowish scales

How can the SD Result in Hair Loss?

It is unclear about how SD is directly responsible for the loss of hair but it does appear to be a side effect. Some of the blame has been placed on a bacterial issue that occurs when SD appears and this is known as Malassezia globose. This leads to the scalp and the naturally occurring oils breaking down, damaging the hair follicles in the process.

This results in a weak foundation for hair to grow and with the addition of the itching, individuals will itch and irritate the roots leading to hair loss. However, it should be mentioned that hair loss as a result of SD is rare and only happens in severe cases.

So can hair products cause receding hairline?

Yes, they can, but only through shampoos and harmful chemicals. If you are progressively washing your hair with damaging shampoo it may be best to switch over to better, more natural shampoo like Revita or Paris Vive Pro. In addition to hair products, you can also suffer from hair loss in the extreme cases of SD which is very similar to dandruff.

Keep your hair and scalp hydrated and clean with the right products and you may be able to stop the receding earlier rather than later.

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