Receding Hairline Causes – Symptoms in Men & Women

Receding Hairline Causes – Symptoms in Men & Women

A receding hairline is a horrible thing and balding will happen to every man as they grow older. Once you have noticed the signs of hair loss, you can act on it and use a number of ways to help it. However, many individuals do not know the receding hairline causes and symptoms and thus do not realize they’re balding before it is too late. The symptoms of a receding hairline and pattern baldness are fairly easy to spot if you know what you are looking for and can be fixed fast if noticed early.

Hair loss can occur for many reasons and the most common reason is a mixture of both age and genetics, and for most individuals, they may see their hair beginning to thin and recede as they grow older from the age of 19. However, there are a number of ways to recognize that your hair is receding to see if you need any treatment:

  1. If you notice that your hair may be thinning, a great way to check is by placing a tooth-comb in the fringe of your hair and then moving that comb from the front to the back making sure you are keeping the comb firmly placed in the hair. Hold the hair in place and assess the hairline in your mirror, looking for a horseshoe shape. If you have a deeper horseshoe shape and the hairline is receding towards the temples and toward the middle of your head, you may be starting to lose your hair.
  2. Another common symptom of hair loss is if you see hair in the water when you are washing. When you are in the shower and are rinsing your hair from the shampoo, examine the water and see if you have any little hairs falling out of your head. If you do, this may be a sign that your hair is thinning and you should look to get some assistance.
  3. With advances in technology and cameras, you can now assess your hairline through the use of pictures. If you sit in front of a camera or smartphone and hold your front hair up so you can see the horseshoe shape, and take a picture, you can compare this to later pictures and see if you are receding. If your hairline is creeping backward, you may need to consult hair growth solutions.


What are the causes of receding hairline?

Receding Hairline CausesThere are a number of receding hairline causes and hair loss affects everyone at some point in their life. Hair loss is most common in men who tend to begin losing hair at a younger age and can even start balding at the age of 19. A receding hairline is a loss of hair around the temples and as your hair recedes more, the further in the hair will be to your temples. A receding hairline normally progresses up the temples but as it gets worse the hair on the top of the head can begin to disappear. There is a number of causes for a receding hairline and the most common ones are age, genetics, and testosterone:

Age is the most common cause of hair loss and a receding hairline, and as someone gets older, the more hair they will lose. As individuals get older, their hair begins to thin and it is not uncommon to see the hairline begin to creep back towards the temples as the individuals get older.

As well as age, genetics and heredity also play an important factor, and someone’s hairline may recede faster if they have specific genetics. You can adopt the hair receding gene from either your mother or your father, as the hair follicles are genetically sensitive, especially along the temples. If you have the DHT genetic trait, you may suffer from a receding hairline. A third and final cause of a receding hairline is from hormones and, more specifically, testosterone. The more testosterone a man has the more likely they are to have a receding hairline as testosterone tends to mix with other chemicals that convert it into DHT, which shrinks and thins hair.

The shrinkage of the hair leads to it falling out, and as DHT prevents hair growth the individual will begin to go bald. This is why men lose their hair quicker than women who have less testosterone.


What can you do to stop receding hairline?

There are a number of ways to stop receding hairline, and many of them are practical and non-harmful ways that involve changing your daily and common habits such as diet and hairstyle. Many of these are easy to apply and will help you stop that hair from receding.

  1. You can stop a receding hairline by giving yourself less stress. Stress is a huge factor that contributes to hair loss and can be developed through a stressful life including work. Stress has always contributed to a number of health problems and baldness is one of them, so it can be helpful to remove as much stress from your life as possible.
    From time-to-time, try and take a day off and chill out, watch some TV and even go for a message. Major stress can cause up 40% of hair loss in men!
  2. Eating healthy is another simple and effective way to remedy and stop the receding hairline causes. Eating healthy foods can introduce proper nutrients and vitamins into your body that help promote hair growth. Your hair and scalp need nutrients and the follicles will thin and shrink if they are not fed properly.
    Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits if you want to stop a receding hairline.
  3. Avoid damaging chemicals that you may wash your hair with, as these can damage hair growth and can result in significant hair loss and receding. This interesting thing about chemicals and hair is that many products aim to help hair and heal it through enhanced formulas, but in most cases, they actually damage and thin the follicles. In addition, over-applying product to your scalp is another way to damage your hair, and even you are using something recommended by a professional, use it with caution.

To conclude, there are a number of receding hairline causes and there are a number of ways you can spot a receding hairline before it is too late. Use a comb to check the front hairline and take pictures to compare at a later date.  In addition, in order to help and prevent a receding hairline, try reducing your stress levels, eating healthily and avoiding nasty hair products.

If you do all the right things, your hair will stay looking clean and thick for a long time.


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