What Age Do You Get a Receding Hairline

What Age Do You Get a Receding Hairline

Hairline patterns change with age and hormonal changes. So what age do you get a receding hairline? A receding hairline is one such example of a hairline style which is quite common in men who are anywhere between 16 and 30 years of age.

A receding hairline is a condition where you notice the lack of hair or thinning of hair in the frontal and side portions of your scalp, thereby, leaving a distinct “M” shape on your head.  One of the most challenging points about a receding hairline is that it is quite tough to spot it in the initial stages, unlike hair loss. You will start noticing this condition during adolescence, as this is when the hormones in your body are in full form. This is a condition which is mostly seen in men.

In this article, we are going to see some of the basic points that you need to worry about receding hairline.

When you start losing lateral hairs on your forehead or when you start noticing hair thinning around the areas of your temples, it means that you are experiencing receding hairline. While the hairs at the back of your scalp may remain intact, you may experience hair loss only at the front. This may also result in a horseshoe shape on your forehead, which is one more indication for you that you are progressing through in the initial stages of male pattern baldness.


What causes receding hairline at a young age

What causes receding hairline at a young ageThe answer to the question, what age do you get a receding hairline is around your teenage years. So, that brings us to the next question, why such a young age? Yes, don’t be surprised to note the reduction in the volume of hair in the front portion of your scalp even in your teens. There could be many reasons for this, out of which the two most dominant reasons are genetics and hormonal imbalance.

We are going to see each of these causes in detail here with:

Excessive production of DHT – The DHT(dihydrotestosterone) hormone that is produced in the male body gets controlled at a certain time, usually during teenage. The reduction of this hormone has to happen naturally. However, in some men, it doesn’t happen this way and the body keeps producing excessive DHT even after it crosses the phase of puberty. Due to overproduction of the hormone, the body has to find places for its storage.

One of the favorite places of this hormone is the hair follicles. When it accumulates in the follicles, it stops nutrients and blood flow to them and thus stalls growth. Thus, you will find that your hair starts thinning in the frontal and side areas due to the after-effects of this hormone.

Genetics – When you inherit the Androgen Receptor gene quite strongly from either of your parent, your parent, you are likely to experience receding hairline problem right from a young age. You can do nothing about it except opting for hair weaving or hair transplant treatments to help you maintain the look that you need.

Stress – Living a highly stressful life with deadlines to meet or working graveyard shifts all through the day? You are highly prone to damaged hair and less immune hair follicles, which lead to receding hairline condition even if you are quite young.

Other medical problems – If you already have thyroid problems or if you are undergoing chemotherapy treatments or if you are suffering from ailments like blood pressure, cholesterol, and other cardiac problems, you are more prone to experience a receding hairline than the average, healthy male.

Unhealthy lifestyle – If you are a chain smoker or intake alcohol regularly, it can damage the health of your hair follicles to a large extent. Also, if you don’t have a healthy eating pattern, it can affect the growth and development of your hair greatly. Ensure that you don’t eat refined, processed or frozen food on a regular basis because this will have an adverse impact on your overall health and hair growth.


What to do about a receding hairline at 16

What Age Do You Get a Receding HairlineYou are just 16 years of age and you want to go out as much as you can with your friends to have a whale of a time, isn’t it? Alas! Your hairline is receding and you are worried about that. You don’t want to step out lest your friends make fun of you. It is perfectly natural to feel that way as hair thinning can kill your confidence especially if you have to experience it at such a young age.

Don’t panic, here are some steps that you can follow if you want to reduce the impact of your hair loss:

  • Get a stylish haircut, so that your hair thinning issue doesn’t look obvious to others
  • Get medical help straightaway; understand the intensity of your hair loss so that you can work on the relevant solution
  • Start eating a healthy diet that comprises of proteins, vitamins, minerals and lots of green vegetables
  • Drink enough water to keep you hydrated throughout the day as this will help you in the development of your hair follicles as well
  • Stop using hair gels and shampoos that contain alcohol or other chemical ingredients as they will make your scalp dry and lifeless
  • Do not rub or pull your hair too much while styling as this can aggravate the problem of your hair loss; ensure that you keep your hair as short as possible to prevent the intensity of hair loss

To ensure that you diagnose the condition of receding hairline in the initial stages, ensure that you monitor your hair on a regular basis. If your father or grandfather has a receding hairline, you should be more careful as you may have inherited their genes. Check the volume of your hair in a mirror and cross-check your scalp frequently to spot any kind of balding issue initially itself.

Treating the condition of a receding hairline is quite easy when you diagnose it quickly. If left unnoticed, this can lead to severe problems like baldness, which cannot be treated. So now we understand “What Age Do You Get a Receding Hairline?”

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