What Can Cause a Receding Hairline – Hidden Truth

What Can Cause a Receding Hairline – Hidden Truth

A receding hairline is when the hair around the temples begins to thin and slowly move up the forehead, leaving what is known as a widow’s peak. So what causes what can cause a receding hairline? continue with the article. A receding hairline is something that no one wants but unfortunately, it is something that is going to happen to every man and women as they grow older. One of the biggest issues with a receding hairline and hair loss, in general, is that it tends to affect the self-confidence of the individual who is suffering.

Therefore, finding appropriate treatment becomes a must for some people. In terms of the causes of hair loss and receding, there is a lot of opinion and skepticism. One group of individuals claim that hormones are the main culprit, whereas, other individuals argue that blood flow and inappropriate shampoo are the culprits. As to what can cause a receding hairline, here are a few widely presumed causes.

  1.  Hormonal Issues – One of the more widely spread causes of hair loss and hair receding are hormones. In particular, the hormone known as dihydrotestosterone has been suggested to be a primary cause of hair loss amongst main men and women. This especially affects men because the main component of dihydrotestosterone is testosterone – a hormone that is present in men more than women.
    This is why we see patterned baldness in men more than women and it is also the reason why men go bald at a younger age. Dihydrotestosterone attacks the follicles of the hair and causes them to shrink, leading to them falling out.
  2. Blood Flow – blood flow has always been a suggested factor for hair loss but it has a lot less scientific evidence backing it up. It is suggested that hair loss is the result of an issue in circulation and that through appropriate messages and ointments you can safely restore the blood flow to the scalp and re-grow any lost hair.
    As mentioned, this has little scientific proof but has been found to be effective for some people so there may be some truth after all.
  3. Genetic predisposition – One thing that has been identified through scientific inquiry is the idea that genetics play a role in how fast an individual recedes. It has been found that genetics actually play a huge role and you may have a genetic predisposition to hair loss if the majority of your family are bald.
    This is also true for conditions like polycystic ovarian syndrome where, for an individual to lose hair, they have to have a genetic predisposition to this particular disease.

As you can see, there are plenty of causes of hair loss and receding hairlines. However, these are just some of the widely agreed causes and there are plenty of other causes like smoking and depression which we shall cover now.


Can Smoking Cause a Receding Hairline?

what can cause a receding hairlineWhat can cause a receding hairline
? A question that most men have asked as they grow older. Unfortunately, as you can see above, there are a lot of causes and it can be difficult to identify which one affects you. Another potential cause of hair loss includes smoking.

However, saying this, the correlation between smoking and hair loss is a little unclear because smoking does a lot of bad things to the body and it can be hard to pinpoint what exactly is causing the hair to fall out.


How can Smoking Result in Hair Loss?

Smoking has always been seen as a bad and unhealthy habit that can cause a whole host of issues to your body, including respiration problems and cancer. One of the other side effects of smoking does appear to be hair loss and the main reason why seems to lie in circulation.

When you smoke you are inhibiting the circulation of blood around the body because you slowly kill your lungs and prevent them from adequately supplying the blood with oxygen. As a smoker gets worse the circulation gets worse and this can have problems when it comes to supplying the hair follicles with sufficient nutrients. Your hair follicles need a continuous supply of nutrients in order to stay healthy and grow and there are a few studies which support this hypothesis.

Although hair receding is mostly the result of hormonal and genetic factors, it is still recommended that you give up smoking if you are concerned about your receding hairline.


Can depression cause receding hairline?

As well as nutrients and hormones, your mental health can also have a huge effect on your receding hairline. Your mood and mental well-being have an effect on your physical body and this is particularly true with conditional like depression – a crippling disorder which makes suffers feel hopeless, lost and suicidal.

There have been some reported cases where depression has led to hair loss and it can be a detrimental effect on an already damaging condition.


How Can Depression Lead to Hair Loss?

There have been two different correlations between depression and hair loss, both directly and indirectly through prescribed medication.

  • Direct effect – This is when the depression itself causes hair loss through a hormonal imbalance. A common hormone that tends to vary is thyroid and this can be found to have an effect on the receding of hair. This is because the thyroid gland is heavy connected to the growth of hair and when this gland is either overactive or underactive you will see differences in the consistency of your hair. An overactive thyroid gland can lead to thinning whereas an underactive thyroid gland can lead to hair loss altogether.
  • Indirect effect – This is hair loss as the result of medication that is commonly prescribed to patients with depression. In some rarer cases, the medication known as Prozac which elevates moods can result in hair loss. Usually, you will see some hair fall out 3 months into treatment, however, this is very uncommon and you should consult a doctor if you see this happening.

So, when we look back to the question ” what can cause a receding hairline? ” it is obvious that the answer is multifaceted. In most cases, the primary cause of a receding hairline is a hormonal imbalance and blood circulation/nutritional issues but from time-to-time, the cause may be underpinned by either smoking or depression.

Thankfully, there are a lot of treatments for hair loss and as technologies advance, individuals are beginning to regrow their long-lost hair.

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