What Causes Female Receding Hairline – The Truth

What Causes Female Receding Hairline – The Truth

A receding hairline is a condition where you start losing your hair from the sides (at the area of the temples) of your scalp. Usually, this condition is related to men and the term is substituted with “male pattern baldness” as well. However, this is not true in reality. This condition can be experienced by women as well. The scientific name for a receding hairline issue in women is called Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia.

This article aims to explain to you some basic points about this condition and what causes female receding hairline, how to identify them and what the best way is to stop a receding hairline in women.

Unlike hair loss, a receding hairline is not easily noticeable in the initial stages. Therefore, this condition requires extra vigilance from you if you want to correct the problem before it gets out of your hand. Though the answer to the question, “what causes female receding hairline” is still not clear and pointed, medical experts believe that it has got something to do with the female hormones when they hit the menopause age.

When a male ignores his receding hairline condition in the initial years, he eventually becomes bald in a few months or years. This doesn’t happen with women.

Since natural baldness in women is not possible, it is more challenging to identify this condition when a woman suffers from it. Losing hair at the sides and front portion of the scalp, hair volume becoming unusually thin, lots of hair strands after every brushing session, thinning of eyebrows and loss of hair in other parts of the body (though a rare symptom) are some of the warning signals that you need to watch out for, to know if you have Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia.

Women in the age group of 40 to 60 are highly prone to suffer from receding hairline issues. When their menstruation cycle stops forever, women experience a lot of hormonal changes in their body that affect their physical and mental health.

Unlike male pattern baldness, receding hairline in women is quite a new and rare condition that experts have found out very recently. Hence, it is still not known if younger women too might be victims of this condition.


What can a woman do about a receding hairline?

what causes female receding hairlineThanks to your alertness and constant monitoring, you have identified that you have a receding hairline issue.

As a woman who loves her hair, this can be a huge bolt for you, because this condition can only alter your appearance, but it can kill your confidence as well.

It is during times like these that you should put up a brave front and ask yourself this question, “what can a woman do about a receding hairline”. Think practically and ensure that you get proper treatment at the right time before it gets too late. The immunity levels of the hair follicles play a vital role in the health of your hair. When the condition worsens, the follicles get damaged severely, thereby rendering all kinds of treatments useless.

Consult an expert as soon as you notice hair thinning issues. You may be prescribed some steroids or other treatments based on the intensity of your hair loss. You have to remember that consuming steroids and pills to slow down the pace of hair thinning might have its side effects.  The doctor would recommend you to take a complete blood test so that your vital parameters like sugar levels, hemoglobin, thyroid, etc. are checked before proceeding with the treatment. Hair weaving and hair-boosting treatments are suggested for those women who have lost a considerable amount of hair due to this condition.

These hair transplantation surgeries will help to correct the damages caused to the hair follicles and aid in the regeneration of hair in those areas.


What is the best way to stop a receding hairline?

What is the best way to stop a receding hairlineSince this condition cannot be traced back to a particular source, there is no one way that you can follow to prevent this condition.

You can do only lead a healthy lifestyle to correct your hormonal imbalances, which in turn, will make you less prone to the receding hairline condition. In case you are already suffering from it, you can consume pills and undergo surgeries to reduce its impact and maintain your looks just the way you like it.

Here are some of the ways in which you can prevent this condition:

  • Massage your scalp well with essential oils regularly so that the pores in the scalp are cleaned up well; when you don’t do this, the natural oil that your scalp produces (sebum) gets mixed with external forces and stalls hair growth or increases hair loss
  • Start consuming a healthy and nutritious diet – ensure that your diet is rich in proteins like keratin and collagen, which built amino acids that in turn, take care of the strength and growth of your hair
  • Give importance to your mental health and start doing meditation or yoga to keep your stress hormones under control; this will have a remarkable effect on the overall health and nutrition of your hair as well
  • Stop using too many chemical products on your hair and avoid styling it too often; the harsh chemicals and alcohol in these products can bring about a dryness to your scalp and damage your hair follicles permanently
  • Check your thyroid levels regularly – women with hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism can experience loss of hair from the front and side portions of their scalp due to hormonal issues. When you keep your thyroid levels under control, you can prevent hair thinning issues

The above-mentioned tips are only precautionary measures to delay the onset of receding hairline in women.

If you still experience hair thinning in spite of following all of these tips, it can only be attributed to your hormonal imbalance. Do not panic, as there are lots of advanced/painless surgeries and treatments to correct this issue and restore your favorite locks so that it doesn’t impact your appearance at all.

One of the main takeaways from this article for you is to be more watchful about your locks and spot any changes in the initial stages because receding hairline in women is quite rare and needs immediate attention. Do we now know the truth of What Causes Female Receding Hairline? YES

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