What Doctor to See For Receding Hairline – Expert Reveals

What Doctor to See For Receding Hairline – Expert Reveals

A receding hairline is something that no one wants but it is a normality in everyday life. Somewhere along the way, you will begin to lose your hair and for some individuals, it can be earlier rather than sooner. However, if you are severely balding and are in need of immediate help, it may be beneficial to consult a doctor and many individuals are not sure what doctor to see for receding hairline.  When it happens it can damage a lot of men’s self-confidence and can have an impact on their self-esteem.

However, fortunately for them, there are a number of solutions and some even grow back your lost hair. You can get yourself a new haircut and one which hides your receding hairline. The clean shave is always a personal favorite because it is easy to maintain and can make men look very stylish when they throw in a beard.

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There is also a range of products that you can use to regrow hair and rogaine is a particularly famous product which can regrow hair within 4 months of consistent use.

The issue with seeing the doctor is that there is a range of different people who can see you and they all have different areas of expertise. However, you should be aware that most doctors do not have a lot of ideas when it comes to hair loss because it is seen as a common and harmless occurrence in the medical field and many doctors will not take your case very seriously. It is good to find a doctor who will be understanding about your issues and will know how daunting it can be to suddenly lose your hair.

As for the specifics, your GP will be able to help you but for specialist advice, it may be better to see a dermatologist or endocrinologist. A dermatologist can assess your skin and can give a diagnosis and course of treatment for your hair loss, whereas an endocrinologist would be able to identify the hormonal changes and provide a diagnosis that way.

Regardless, any doctor will be able to provide you with information and treatment related to hair loss, especially if it is a point of interest for them.


Can a dermatologist help with receding hairline?

What Doctor to See For Receding HairlineA dermatologist is a doctor who specialized in the skin and infections. When trying to find out what doctor to see for receding hairline, a dermatologist is one of the first specialists to crop up.

This is because hair loss is related to the condition of the skin and if your hair follicles become too loose in the scalp they will proceed to fall out. Infections can also be a cause of hair loss and this where a dermatologist will be specialized. A dermatologist will be able to assess the scalp for infections and damage and can provide a diagnosis for the hair loss.

They can also provide you with a range of treatments and remedies that will be able to regrow and repair your lost hair.

When a dermatologist is assessing you and your hair loss they will need to ask a series of questions related to your hair, hygiene, and daily routine, which can involve your preferred styling techniques and fragrances. They will need your full medical history and will need to know if you’ve had any long-term or recent illness that may be attributable towards the hair loss. The more specific you can be the better because then the dermatologist will be able to give you a better treatment plan.

In terms of your daily routine, the dermatologist will want to know the shampoo you use and the gel/wax you use to style your hair (if you do) because certain products are known to damage hair follicles and make them fall out.

Even with all the questions and medical assessment, in-depth evaluations are still needed if the dermatologist is going to make a personalized treatment plan and sometimes assessment may include blood samples and skin biopsies.

A dermatologist will be able to provide a lot of help for your balding and receding hairline. They can offer you a range of different treatments including some that are fairly light and others that are quite heavy, in the sense that they include invasive procedures like injections and implants. Lighter treatments include lotions and creams (like rogaine) and with the right treatment, you can see hair growth within 2-4 months. However, with procedures like hair transplants, the process is quicker.


How much is a hair transplant for receding hairline

How much is a hair transplant for receding hairlineOnce you have found what doctor to see for receding hairline, you will need to be aware of the effective treatments.

A hair transplant is usually the last thing that a dermatologist will suggest but they can be very effective and regrow your hair incredibly fast. A hair transplant involves taking a piece of thick hair and putting it in areas of thin or no hair.

The procedure is very quick and can sometimes be performed in the doctor’s office, as medical techniques have improved in recent years and have been operating since the 50s.

The doctor will numb the head and then remove a significant amount of skin, about 6 to 10 inches to be precise. They will put this to one side and then patch up the scalp, with the scar being hidden by the surrounding hair. They then take the skin and divide it into little pieces sometimes with one strand of hair on each.

The number of little pieces you need will depend on your hair type and color. The surgeon will then open up little holes in the scalp and put the pieces in with the help of the team. Once everything is complete it will take up to 6 months to see results.

Even though the procedure is well used and common, the price of a hair transplant is incredibly high and many people will not be able to afford it. The price for a transplant usually costs approximately $10,000 and insurance plans will not cover something this expensive, meaning it will be paid from your own pocket.

It also depends on the amount of hair you are moving and there are a few risks including infection and scarring. Nonetheless, if you have the money a hair transplant is a great way to regrow a receding hairline.

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