What is a Normal Receding Hairline – Hidden Secret

What is a Normal Receding Hairline – Hidden Secret

If you have been wondering what is a normal receding hairline, how does it look like and how to differentiate it from other hairline pattern issues, this article will help you to a reasonable extent. One of the most common problems that men face during their adolescence is changes in their hairline. Their hair starts thinning in the sides and the front portion of their scalps, whereas it remains intact in other areas like the back side.

This is a typical case of receding hairline. Sometimes, men might experience this condition during their 30s. This problem can arise due to genetic issues, high stress, unhealthy lifestyle and hormonal imbalances. Of all these factors, genetics and hormones are the most prominent causes for receding hairline, also known as male pattern baldness in some cases.


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At a certain point in time, the DHT (dihydrotestosterone) production in a man’s body slows down. This can happen during puberty or when a man steps into his 30s. There is no fixed age limit for this. This is the natural phenomenon and it helps to keep a man’s hormones in balance. However, for some men, it doesn’t happen this way. They continue to produce DHT in excess in their body, which in turn gets accumulated in various parts of their body.

Some of these hormones bind a man’s hair follicles as well, thereby becoming an obstacle for hair growth. The nutrients and blood flow to the follicles get cut off; therefore, you start noticing hair fall in these cases. One of the major highlights of overproduction of DHT hormone is that most of the accumulation happens in the front and side regions of your scalp.

Therefore, using DHT blockers is considered to be one of the most effective treatments to prevent your receding hairline problem.

Apart from genes and excessive production of DHT, some of the other factors that cause receding hairline are the following:

  • Highly stressful life
  • Thyroid problems
  • Over styling or overuse of chemicals on the hair
  • Lack of proper, healthy diet
  • Excessive smoking & drinking

A receding hairline is usually confused with two conditions – mature hairline and widow’s peak. Though all of these falls under the broader category of hair loss, it is very important to understand the nature of all these conditions so that you can spot these in the initial stages and get them corrected at the earliest.


What is the difference between a mature hairline and a receding hairline?

What is a Normal Receding HairlineA lot of people get confused between the patterns of their hairline. They confuse a maturing hairline with a receding hairline and get into panic mode for no reason at all.

You have to understand that a maturing hairline is pretty normal and it happens usually in the phase between your teenage and thirties. A maturing hairline is very unlikely to grow into a balding problem. When your hairline is maturing, you will notice that the hair that is directly above our eyebrows starts to thin. There is no cause for worry when you notice this. It is only when your hair starts to thin in the frontal and side areas of your scalp that the problem of receding hairline sets in.

Why is it important to know what is a normal receding hairline and what a maturing hairline is? This is because it helps you understand when you need medical help. A maturing hairline is noticed usually when a boy is in his teens. He starts losing his childhood hairline pattern (also known as juvenile hairline) and his overall hairline moves back a little bit from its original position on the scalp.

One of the classic mature hairline patterns is the V-shaped style that can be seen in many celebrities and national leaders today.  On the other hand, a receding hairline will be in an M-shaped pattern, leaving a thin frontal and side areas in your scalp.

A receding hairline needs oral steroids, pills, gels or other treatments (hair weaving, hair transplantation, etc.) to get it corrected and to restore the nutrients and immunity to your hair follicles. A maturing hairline doesn’t need any medical attention as it is very unlikely that it will develop into baldness in men or women.


What is the difference between a widow’s peak and receding hairline?

What is the difference between a mature hairline and a receding hairlineA widow’s peak is a hairline pattern that has a dominating V-shape right in the center of your forehead. Genetics is considered to be the prime reason for a widow’s peak hairline. This condition is common in men and women. Hair growth on the forehead is suppressed when you have this pattern; therefore, you may doubt if you are experiencing the condition of a receding hairline. You are quite right in your doubt because when you have a receding hairline, your frontal hair sports a very thin appearance. However, there are two major differences between these hairline patterns.

In a widow’s peak, the shape of your hairline is a dominating “V”, whereas a receding hairline is where you sport a classic, “M” shaped look on your hair. The other difference is the areas of thinning. In a widow’s peak, hair growth is suppressed in the areas of your forehead only. When you experience a receding hairline condition, you will notice that hair starts thinning not only from the frontal areas of your scalp but also from the sides (temples).

Unlike a mature hairline, widow’s peak and receding hairline are conditions that need medical help. The level of treatment will depend on the intensity of your condition. Hair loss can be quite scary and if you don’t take necessary action in the initial stages, it can lead to baldness. You have to be extra vigilant and monitor your hairline regularly to see if you are losing more hair than the prescribed limit. When you comb your hair, take an effort to check the volume of hair in the front and side areas regularly.

This will help you to spot hair thinning problems instantly. Stop using too many chemical products in your hair and avoid over-styling your hair so that you can get rid of all these hair baldness symptoms in the first stages itself. So now you know What is a Normal Receding Hairline?

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