What is a receding hairline?

What is a receding hairline?

It’s a condition that happens when your hair stops growing in the areas in and around the temples.
Unlike hair loss, this is not a problem that you can spot in the early stages. Therefore, most of the times, people notice it only when it has grown to the advanced stages, by which it time it becomes too late.

So, what is a receding hairline?

This article provides a brief overview for you to spot this condition early and take the necessary precautions to correct them.


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How do you know if your hairline is receding? There are three main ways in which you can spot this condition in the early stages:

  1. Your hairline starts getting thinner at either side of the forehead gradually
  2. Thinning eventually leads to a bald area in the front portion of your head
  3. Hair stops growing in and around the area of your temples

Hair fall is a problem that most of us notice quite early and start applying various creams and shampoos to correct the same. Unfortunately, the situation is not the same for the problem of hair thinning. People start noticing their thinning hairline in their forehead area, quite late. Most of the times, this condition is noticed only when people start visible changes in their appearance.

Now that we know what hair thinning is all about, we are now going to look at the early symptoms of the same.


What are the early signs of a receding hairline?

What is a receding hairlineWhat are the early signs of a receding hairline? This condition, also known as male pattern baldness by some experts, doesn’t come all of a sudden. This condition always comes with the following warning signals:

  • Hair thinning at the temple area, thereby forming an “M” or a half-moon shape on your forehead
  • Thinning hair in the crown area, which is not obviously noticeable at most of the cases
  • Formation of curly hair around the ears and neck – this is a rare alert sign and is not experienced by most of the men who experience this pattern baldness condition
  • Loss of hair in the front portion of the head – while your hair doesn’t get affected in the back and sides, you will start noticing a visible change only in the top portion of your head


How to stop my hairline from receding?

Male pattern baldness can change your looks for the worse and affect your confidence severely. Therefore, it is important to monitor your hairline regularly to see if you face thinning in the areas mentioned above.
Prevention is better than cure, isn’t it? While it does involve a lot of treatment and procedures to regrow your hair, it only takes a few simple measures to prevent your hairline from receding.

Here are some of the effective steps that you can follow:


1. Diet

A healthy and natural diet is one of the most effective ways by which you can prevent your hairline from receding. Ensure that you include a lot of green & leafy vegetables, fruits, calcium, iron, good fats, minerals, carbohydrates and other nutrients in your daily diet.

Two types of proteins – keratin and collagen are very important for the health of your hair. All of these strengthen your hair follicles and thus your hair will remain thick and healthy even when you grow old. You should also drink lots of water as it is important for the overall nutrition of your cells. Most of the times, due to lots of stress at work, you don’t give focus to food and consume a lot of junk & unhealthy food items.

All of these have an adverse effect on your hair, in the long run. Hence, it is important to start from the basic cause and maintain healthy hair forever.


2. Control or reduce the use of styling products

Are you obsessed with your hair? Do you apply a lot of gel, wax and other styling products on your hair on a daily basis? If yes, you are prone to receding hairline problems very soon. Most of these styling products contain harsh chemicals that are not good for your scalp and hair follicles. Also, don’t exert too much pressure on your hair while combing it. Keep your hair free from excessive combing, rubbing and styling, as all of these can damage your hair to a great extent.


3. Procerin Supplements

Procerin is a natural supplement that is known for preventing or aggravating problems related to receding hairline. There are no side effects to this and it is available in a tablet and solution form.

It is recommended by many experts as it is known to have an immense effect in regenerating a hormone known as DHT. It is the lack of DHT which results in male pattern baldness. Thanks to procerin, you will not only see an improvement in the DHT hormone, but also a renewed development in your hair follicles.


4. Hair transplant

When natural remedies and supplements don’t work, you can resort to doing a hair transplant to make your hair regrow. Ensure that you consult a reputed, authorized, an experienced and knowledgeable cosmetic surgeon for your hair transplant surgeon.

In this process, the doctor takes a hair graft and implants in the frontal area of your head (where your hairline is receding) in a weaving pattern. This procedure will reactive your hair follicles and ensure that your hair gets back to the original state that it was in, earlier.

Now that you know what is a receding hairline, you should consult a hair loss expert right away, when you start seeing unusual changes.

He will assess your hair and advise you of the right way forward, after taking into account the intensity of your condition and your lifestyle. While it is easier to follow natural remedies and a healthy diet to prevent this condition, you might need medical intervention if the condition progresses to advanced stages. Act immediately, so that you can witness regrowth of your hair follicles in no time.

When you get back the volume in your hair, you get back your confidence as well. This adds volumes to your overall personality. So I hope now you know What is a receding hairline?

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