What is the Best Treatment for Receding Hairline – Revealed

What is the Best Treatment for Receding Hairline – Revealed

Hair loss is something that will happen to all of us at some point in our lives and it can be very embarrassing and can knock a lot of people’s self-confidence. One question that everyone seems to ask is ” what is the best treatment for receding hairline” and it is difficult to answer because there are a lot of different routes you can take.

A receding hairline is the result of many factors and one of the more agreed upon causes is age.

However, for some people, hair loss happens at a much younger age and this can be troublesome for a lot of young men. For this reason, other causes have been looked into and the main cause seems to be associated with hormones and genetics. Hormones, in particular, have been researched a fair bit and it appears that dihydrotestosterone is the main hormone that results in hair loss.

This is because dihydrotestosterone attacks the follicles of the hair and causes them to shrivel and fall out of the scalp.

If untreated the individuals may lose all of their hair in a short time frame. Here are a few different treatments for a receding hairline:

  • Rogaine – Rogaine is one of the more popular choices when it comes to helping a receding hairline. It is interesting because it is not really known how Rogaine can help regrow hair but there is a theory that suggests it is to do with the dilation of blood vessels in the head. Because hair loss is the result of dihydrotestosterone, increasing that blood flow to the head will fuel the follicles with nutrients and vitamins which promote growth.
    Rogaine comes in the form of a foam and is applied every day for about 4 months. After 4 months you should start seeing some impressive results. However, Rogaine is not a permanent fix and you need to keep reapplying to see effects.
  • Coconut oil – If you are looking for a more natural remedy then coconut nut oil may be the best treatment for you. Some people do not like using common medication to help promote hair growth and prefer to use natural substances. Coconut oil has been seen to help combat a receding hairline through lauric acid which binds with the protein in the hair follicles protecting them from the effects of dihydrotestosterone. Coconut oil is also hydrating and highly penetrating making it a great choice of treatment.
  • Haircuts – An even more natural way to combat hair loss is through getting a new haircut. This is something that doesn’t come to mind immediately but it is a cost-effective way to combat a receding hairline. There are a lot of different haircuts you can get that will draw attention away from your receding hairline and can greatly improve your style. Visit a hair salon and ask them what they can do – you’ll be surprised at your wide range of options.

These are just a few treatments for a receding hairline but there are a lot more, including both finasteride and caboki.


Does Finasteride Stop Receding Hairline?

Does Finasteride Stop Receding Hairline

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Looking back to the question of what is the best treatment for receding hairline, it can be difficult to answer because there are so many different answer and remedies.

As previously mentioned, there is a wide agreement over the idea that dihydrotestosterone is one of the main components that affect hair loss and force the hair follicles to shrink and fall out. Surely then if individuals want to get rid of their receding hairline and deal with the problem directly, they would use medication that combats dihydrotestosterone head-on.

Thankfully, there is a medicine known as finasteride and it can help regrow lost hair through preventing the production of this troublesome hormone.


How Does Finasteride Work?

Finasteride is also sometimes known as Propecia and is very effective for helping with a receding hairline. This treatment works by attacking the root cause of hair loss – dihydrotestosterone.

The medicine does this by stopping the testosterone in the body from turning into dihydrotestosterone stopping the hair follicles from being damaged and shrunk. Finasteride is taken via tablets and is only used to treat men because of its strong association with testosterone. It can be used with women occasionally but it should be avoided at all times if the woman is pregnant.

This is because the finasteride can dissolve in the bloodstream and if the woman is carrying a male the medication can affect the development of that male child.

Finasteride can only be given by a doctor and is not available over the counter like other hair loss treatments.

Like Rogaine, finasteride is not a permanent fix and if you stop taking the medication you will begin to lose all the hair that you had grown back.


Does Caboki Work on Receding Hairline?

Does Caboki Work on Receding Hairline

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For some people who are looking for a treatment for their receding hairline, they may be a little skeptical about taking physical medication to solve the problem.

There are a lot of different side effects to taking tablets to remedy hair loss and it may not be for everyone. As it can be seen with the points made above about finasteride, some medications may not be amicable with all genders and therefore some individuals may be missing out on some good treatments.

Thankfully, there are a branch of treatments known as concealers and they are great if you are looking for a quick fix without the need of visiting a doctor.


What is Caboki?

Caboki is a form of concealer and it works through covering up the balding and receding patches with little microfibers with cling to the hair.

You simply have to shake it on and it will stick to the hair and thicken it up, giving people the impression that you never lost any hair in the first place. Some concealers are good but a lot of them use materials that tend to fall off using intense weathers or workouts. With Caboki, you will be able to maintain a thick look no matter what you do. This is because Caboki uses different properties to other brands which are a lot sticker and cling to the hair more effectively.

The benefit of Caboki is that it is natural and doesn’t have any nasty side effects like medication, making it a great alternative for some individuals.

what is the best treatment for receding hairlineSo when asking the question of  ” what is the best treatment for receding hairline ” it looks like there is not a definitive answer. The answer will really depend on what your personal preferences are whether or not you want to go down the more scientific route with medication, the more natural route with coconut oil or whether you want to make things easier and use concealers.

They all have great effects and remedy a receding hairline quickly.

However, most of their fixes are temporary and they require continuous use. Unfortunately, there is no real method to permanently fix hair loss as of yet without spending a lot of money.

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